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Our team and I do environmental projects and truly transform the reality of Moscow. Urban gardening, funny and beautiful mass actions, lectures, club meetings, media projects, consumer projects, green IT solutions and so on. Ideas and projects, people and companies that change our city. And certainly a bit about me ) »
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    Different) | Reads: 4929 | 12 May 12 | Comments

    Dear all. During the last year my blog has been updated just a couple of times. Of course I'm a bit lazy, I see. But mostly it's 'cause more than two years I livе and exist in a different context. Our team and I do environmental projects and truly transform the reality of Moscow. Urban gardening, funny and beautiful mass actions, lectures, club meetings, media projects, consumer projects, green IT solutions and so on. And now I really can't realize why I've not married my beloved blog See You in Moscow and my beloved work earlier ) But according to the pretty Russian proverb, better late than never.

    So I'm sorry, but the ship changed the course. Now See You in Moscow is the personal blog about green Mos... Read more »

    Moscow Art Tours | Reads: 4311 | 11 May 12 | Comments

    Art exhibition, "Long Way Home" by an award winning Japanese painter, Minako Ota, will be on display and open to the public at the All-Russia Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Arts from May 31 till July 29, 2012. Museum is located at: Delegatskaya Street 3, Moscow. The opening reception will be at the museum on Thursday, May 31, 6-8 PM.

    Koi Diptych by Minako Ota (Acrylic on Panels and Silver Leaf, 48.5 x 122.5 cm)

    Minako Ota grew up in Japan and was trained in traditional Japanese painting at an art university in Tokyo. Right after the graduation s... Read more »

    Moscow Travel Guide | Reads: 8168 | 28 Mar 12 | Comments

    Each time I visit Moscow I learn something interesting. As my colleague and I strolled from Zamoskovorechye to the Gorky House we stopped at the "Bridge of Kisses”

    Russian tradition requires newly married couples to kiss on a bridge on their wedding day. However, Moscow is not a city that one would link to romance. Who would have guessed that  Moscow would house a bridge so famous for holding memories of newlyweds?

    The "Bridge of Kisses” over the Moskva River, is in the shadow of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and just in front of the Pushkin Museum, quite literally. On the bridge are the locks with the names of the lovers and their bonds of love. What began as a few couples tryin... Read more »

    Moscow Travel Guide | Reads: 6052 | 19 Feb 12 | Comments

    When there are a thousand wonderful restaurants from which to choose, how to you go about choosing a good restaurant in Moscow?

    Moscow is known for being expensive. It is deserved. In most cities, even Moscow, if you know your way around you can eat well and at a reasonable cost. Well one of the good restaruants in Moscow has to be the KB44. (Kvartira 44, KB stands for Kvartira in Russian since "B" in Russian is pronounced "V"). With great assurance, I can say that you would never choose KB44 on the basis of street appeal.In fact, I can safely say you would never choose it.

    True to the theme of the Soviet era, the KB44 requires you to depart the sidewalk for a typically shabby "Soviet era” courtyard. The entrance arch is a little dirty, the ground under the arch is bare, and as you look at the dilapidated gat... Read more »

    Different) | Reads: 4153 | 12 Jan 12 | Comments

    This video is made on the 1st of January, the day after New Year Night. Absolutely still and people free Moscow.

    Moscow Travel Guide | Reads: 7209 | 04 Jul 11 | Comments

    It's very hot in Moscow now, and it's very beautiful. Bright Moscow girls and young women are in dresses. A lot of cyclists, rollers and skateboarders cut through the city. The best way to spend your evening is to be close to the river or on the terraces, and a huge number of the cafes made the tables on the strees. The sun shines. And one can watch wonderful sunsets every night. Summer!

    ... Read more »

    Moscow Art Tours | Reads: 5785 | 17 Jun 11 | Comments

    The World Press Photo 2011 exhibition is shown in Moscow on the territory of Red October factory. It'll last up to 10th of June. The show contains almost two hundreds of works and reflects the most meaningful events of the 2010th.

    Joost van den Broek, Russian Sailor

    World Press Photo contest aims to support professional press photography on a wide international scale. Promotional activities include an annual contest, exhibitions, the stimulation of photojournalism through educational programs, and creating greater visibility for press photography through a variety of publications. The 2011 exhibition is on display in Moscow, Tokyo, Reykjavik, Berlin, Madrid, Charlottesville, Brisbane, Vilnius, Paris, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro.

    ... Read more »

    Moscow Travel Guide | Reads: 6091 | 30 May 11 | Comments

    Moscow roofer Vitaly Raskalov and his friends very often risk to be caught by police and to be thrown into the bullpen. But inspite of everything they climb to the roofs of meaningful Moscow buildings. Sometimes these buildings are under special governmental protection. For example this one. It's the pictures made on the top of the Eurasia Tower, one of the skyscapers on the new district Moscow City. Guys shot the night dowtown and sunrise in Moscow.

    ... Read more »

    Different) | Reads: 7010 | 10 May 11 | Comments

    Victory Day (the day when WW II had finished) have turned in Russian tradition into a kind of Memory Day and an additional holiday. It's celebrated even by young people that have almost no references to that war. And it's very touching day when veterans are beautiful and joyful that is unsual for them actually because of a lot of reasons.

    It was the first Victory Day organized by the new Moscow mayor and his team yesterday. A lot of people tells that fireworks, illuminations and the organization itself were awful. But it was rather beautiful indeed. There're some pictures from the Victory day in Moscow.

    ... Read more »

    Moscow Art Tours | Reads: 4312 | 09 May 11 | Comments

    The festival Museums' Night 2011 will pass in Moscow at 14th of May. About 160 museums will take part in it, make free entrance for visitors and prepare special programs. In addition classical music will be performed on Moscow metro stations. All the museums will be open up to 0:00.

    Night in Museum (from Russian)

    There're some most interesting art spots and their programs.

    • Multimedia Art Museum. The offline version of unique Google's art project ( One will be able to see 17 main museums of the world, virtually of course.
    • ArtPlay center. PLUM FEST, the festival of audiovisual instruments.
    • Laboratoria Art & Science Space. Series of the installations by Patrick K.-H, video by Sergey Shutov, sound by Valentin Fetiso... Read more »

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