Moscow Airports: Map and Prices for Transfers (Moscow Airport Map, Sheremetyevo Moscow, Domodedovo Moscow, Vnukovo Moscow, Moscow Airoports)
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    Moscow Airports: Map and Prices for Transfers


    There are 3 main airports in Moscow - Domodedovo (DME), Sheremetyevo (SVO) and Vnukovo (VKO). Of course, they are out of the city. There are also the other ports but they are used mainly for business and private flights or for military aircraft. 

    Most likely you'll arrive on the one of "big three" ports. So, let's clear how to get to the airports and back and prices for transfers.

    Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO)

    The Sheremetyevo Airport has several terminals. It’s important because Terminal 1 (it’ll be called Terminal B from March 2010) is removed from the main complex at 4 kilometers (the map of Sheremetyevo) The basic for international tourists is Terminal 2 (F) and you'll hardly need to use the first one.  

    How to get from the airport to the city and back
    • Belorusskaya Metro Station, Air Express Train (about $10);
    • Rechnoy Vokzal Metro Station, then bus number 851 or fixed route taxi number 48 (about $5); 
    • Planernaya Metro Station, then bus number 817 or fixed route taxi number 49 (about $5); 
    • Dinamo Metro Station, City Air Terminal, fixed route taxi number 200 (about $5);
    • Transfer (from $75);
    • City taxi, private taxi (from about $100).

    Domodedovo Airport (DME)

    It's my favorite airport but it's located too far from the city. It's large but easy and intuitive. 

    How to get from the airport to the city and back
    • Paveletskaya Metro Station, Air Express Train (about $10);
    • Domodedovskaya Metro Station, then bus number 405 (about $5);
    • Transfer (from $75);
    • City taxi, private taxi (from $100).

    Vnukovo Airport (VKO)

    This airport is permanently under construction and it's not very large. It's the only Moscow airport located right in the small town. Originally it was the town of aviators. But now people of various professions live there. We've rent a house in that district some years ago. And one can really quickly be accustomed to the plane's noise. 

    How to get from the airport to the city and back
    • Kievskaya Metro Station, Air Express train (about $10);
    • Yugo-Zapadnaya Metro Station, Express bus (about $7); 
    • Yugo-Zapadnaya Metro Station, then bus number 611 (about $5) or fixed route taxi number 45 (about $7);
    • Transfer (from $75);
    • City taxi, private taxi (from $100) .
    And here is the map of Moscow Metro and airports)

    (actually this picture is big, click to view full size)

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