Russian Rubles: Pictures of Russian Money (Russian money pictures, Russian money is called, Russian money ruble)
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    Russian Rubles: Pictures of Russian Money


    Official currency of Russia is russian ruble. The approximate exchange rate is 30 rubles per $1. 

    Mostly we use cash everywhere and walk the streets with thick wallets in our bags. Maybe because of this there're a lot of street thieves in Moscow. It's not so convenient but we are accustomed. If you're in Moscow take care of your bag!

    You'll have to pick out our banknotes too. The most common are banknotes of 100, 500 and 1000 rubles. For petty expenses we use 10 and 50 rubles. Also we have banknote of 5000 rubles. It's rather common as well.

    Here are the pictures of Russian money and their edible equivalent )

    5000 Russian rubles

    = a romantic lunch in cafe "Pushkin"

    1000 Russian rubles

    = a simple lunch in cafes on Nikitsky Blvd

    500 Russian rubles

    = a romantic lunch in McDonalds

    100 Russian rubles

    = a hot-dog outdoors

    50 Russian rubles

    = a bottle of water

    10 Russian rubles

    = a bubble gum 

    5 rubles, 2 rubles and copecks (1/100 of rubles)

    For change you can get a handful of coins like these

    07 Jan 10 | Views: 63640

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